How to Draw & Ink Art Nouveau Hair • Tutorial

In this video, I’m going to discuss how to sketch and then create lineart of hair in the Art Nouveau style popularized by Alphonse Mucha using a digital art app like Procreate or Photoshop!

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11 thoughts on “How to Draw & Ink Art Nouveau Hair • Tutorial

  1. Wow thank you for sharing! One question: do you draw in procreate and then print and then paint with a brush? I watched another video where you actually paint a piece, new follower problems haha 😎

  2. I just discovered art nouveau recently and fell in love with it.
    Now I want to begin to study and try out the style my self. Your video helped me a lot to understand the technique more. Thank you🖒

  3. I love art nouveau, and your like art is so clean 💕 didn't know you had a YouTube! Glad I found it 🙂

  4. Your erasing patience is amazing, I would just take the vector ereaser and lazy my way through the drawing.

  5. Mucha is one of my favorite artists. If you're into Art Noveau you'd be really happy in Vienna, that stuff is all over the place over here.

  6. Great video! Ah man, I would be scared to look at my old Deviant Art page. Brave! ha. Really liked the vibe and style of your channel too. 🙂

  7. Beautiful, I have always been a fan of all things "art nouveau"…watching you draw has such an hypnotic effect. Loved this video❣️

  8. Great video! I’ve been wanting to try this style myself and your video was very informative 🙂

  9. Art Nouveau? YES PLEASE! You must have a patience of a saint to get all the details in. Your result is totally worth it though, the hair is so beautiful.

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