Abandoned Fairytail Castle in France Art Nouveau

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20 thoughts on “Abandoned Fairytail Castle in France Art Nouveau

  1. Architecture is still beautiful even if nothing is in the castle. Both staircases are unique. That main door is fantastic.

  2. Hi it seems that some people have no respect it makes me angry this fist time I’ve commented but am new

  3. Still a lot of "built" stuff that's beautiful, but the trashing is awful. Thank you for going here ALONE? Probably not such a good idea if it's true, but it's much appreciated. Your videos are always very special and so much work and attention — and excitement — is put into them.

  4. I try to imagine what it may have looked like when it was new and full of life. It must have been breath taking.

  5. At one time that place was busting with people and it was beautiful! I'm sure a lot of people live there and it was very beautiful

  6. People who do this kind of damage ought to be hung by their thumbs!

  7. Unhappy people seem to feel the need to make beautiful things ugly on the outside so as to reflect their ugliness inside. I feel so sorry for them! Hopefully they will find happiness one day.
    You did a great job on the video guys! The workmanship there is stunning and the use of natural light sources throughout is fabulous!

  8. it must be haunted and that made the owner just left the castle☹☹☹ abandoned

  9. With these large home your visited, in Europe, is there anyway you can get pictures of how they look in their hayday!

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