WATERCOLOR TUTORIAL // ART NOUVEAU Inspired Watercolor Illustration no 2!

Hey lovelies! In this video, I show you the process of one of another one of my Art Nouveau Inspired Watercolor Illustrations!

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… and Watercolor brushes from Action

Artist Scotch tape from Boesner

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WATERCOLOR TUTORIAL // ART NOUVEAU Inspired Watercolor Illustration no 2!

20 thoughts on “WATERCOLOR TUTORIAL // ART NOUVEAU Inspired Watercolor Illustration no 2!

  1. Hey Lioba 🤗 please consider making a video about how to not waste oil paints drying on pallete, maybe how to organize your pallete for painting? I'm a mess in this field 🙂 I often just leave them and when I paint next day they are sometimes good still, but sometimes I paint after two days and then everything is waisted… you must have some tips, you are professional artist 🙂 I'm watching every video of you and I'm really admiring your oil paintings but also skill of talking fluently in English so good. I wish I could do that, one day I want also post some videos, and I can realize how hard it can be, also like what to discuss during 25min video🤣 and you making it interesting, amazing job!😄 have a nice day!

  2. Soooooo beautiful and you painted my fav flower you are such a inspiration to me so hella thanks 😍❤

  3. happy 2019. i love the way you colour and watching your videos has helped me a lot with improving my watercolour art.

  4. ich finde, die Hände sind ein bisschen schwer zu lesen. Zumindest musste ich hier die Stirn runzeln, um verstehen zu können, wie die Finger gemeint sind. Danke für deine Videos! Inspirieren mich immer! :))

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