20 thoughts on “Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco

  1. I came across this video while trying to find out more about art deco after Mumbai's Victorian Gothic and Art Deco Ensemble made it to the UNESCO world heritage list. They call Mumbai's art deco Indo Deco because of the Indian influences in it.

  2. thank you for sharing this! it has been really beneficial for me i truly understand now

  3. Those of you who think art deco is masculine must not have seen many artworks of that style. There was a lot of fashion illustration done in the art deco style. There was also beautiful jewelry made in that style. It was NOT masculine in the least. The artist/illustrator, Erté, was known as 'the father of Art Deco'. Look at his work and tell me that is 'masculine'.

  4. Great Video.  Methinks  Art Nouveau is Feminine.  Whereas Art Deco is Masculine.

  5. Art Deco fan all the way (especially when it comes to jewelry), although I really do appreciate much of the Art Nouveau architecture.

  6. Americans "use to be the fearless explorers and innovators, thus the cutting-edge in Modern"

    Deco is More Modern, however I can understand now – the speaker's opinion – being of a younger generation – he associates (more designs found in the USA equivalent to old fashioned – as that would be the case in a today's building reality)

    The MS News Media has been working on the public's thought-reality, a long time now –

    We only truly know, what we see live and the remainder is all woven with opinions, edits, missing facts, half truths, advertising, and threads of ideas to achieve the Owners – (scary reality)

    "Rothschild owns and/or controls it all and the Federal Reserve

    That's- the •Communications/Information
    and the

    2 most powerful tools for control

  7. "?" The speakers attitude towards Deco – odd and odd Opinion of Deco as old fashioned, compared to Nouveau, that's opposite of reality – it is the definition of the Modern Movement and towards the "Modern, MidCentury, and all foundations we use a defining Modern and Classic Modern".

    I can never think of the Chrysler Building or Empire State Building as old-fashioned. They are the Pyramids of the 20th Century.
    Frank Lloyd Wright – old fashioned – ha – nope!

    Jazz and Django Reinhardt are still hip!


  8. It's a dream of mine to own a big art nouveau/late Victorian looking building in Manhattan or mainland Europe (I live in the uk)

  9. I grew up on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx which is the avenue with the most Art Deco buildings in the World. I love this style. I see Art Nouveau as being more floral in its lines and its color schemes as well. Art Deco to me seems like a distillation of many elements, Cubism, Futureism. It has the straight lines of Wright's architecture, but an influence of the curvatures of Nouveau. I also see in a lot of it a strong influence of the geometric lines of Egyptian and Aztec architecture, as well as Mesopotamian styles. It really was a very eclectic style. As for the aesthetics, when it's good, it wonderful, and when it's not…….. I think it's one of those things you either love it or hate it.

  10. Well that was just super. Clear, concise and fun. I just wandered here by chance. I'm glad I did.

  11. pretty easy .. art nouveau (jugendstil) wonderful and beautiful .. art deco: american styled crap without skill just big and straight ..

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