1. Old enough to know, but to young to care

    This is actually the single best summary of art nouveau I've ever seen….nice work, thanks 🙂

  2. Alex Khoshtaria

    I really like “Art Nouveau”, this European architectural style is one of my favorites. It is also pleasant that, along with other European cities, Tbilisi, also has, as this architecture style, as well as other well-known styles of European architecture, like all other cities, villages and places of Georgia have different European styles of architecture, in the place of ancient European / Iberian / Georgian architecture. In recent years that they restored various places in the city of Tbilisi, including the building, houses of Art Nouveau, but much more needs to be done in this direction, there are enough buildings in Tbilisi, houses, including beautiful buildings, houses of various European architectural styles that need restoration.

  3. Dean Wattenburger

    Am I a nerd

  4. Maria DAM

    super thx! <3

  5. Bifur CZ

    great video! but the pronunciation of Mucha name is not right

  6. Rajas Gore

    Thank you for helping me in Design and ulture paper UID

  7. j0eycans

    I find this style the most beautiful and spiritual of all art history. I want to know why it didn’t last long, and if there are art scholars today who consider the ideas antiquated or over with? I feel like Art Nouveau is just beginning.

  8. Megan

    I only think of some gaudy lamp, with a nude woman as the base, and fringed shade when I hear "art nouveau".

  9. Julia Fernandez

    Thank you for these videos !! Super helpful for studying for my art regents !

  10. Stanislav Kinzl

    Alfons Mucha ❤

  11. Xavier Buch

    Great overview !!!

  12. XxHarmonicNightsxX

    What are the two paintings from 0:21 to 0:30?

  13. big b

    This millions time better than Picasso etc bullshit. This is real art and it's Beautiful art.

  14. Yuliya Chekrizova

    Wonderful 💜💜💜

  15. Kiara Edwards

    I wish I watched this before starting my art project…

  16. Patrick Owens

    Technically still brilliant yet more imaginative than more rehashed art!

  17. The T-Rex in your Basement INC.

    mrs. callahan what is up

  18. amphitheatre

    nice video i had to wince when you said muchas name though

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