6 Tips to Paint Like Mucha – Art Nouveau Speedpaint

6 Tips to Paint Like Mucha - Art Nouveau Speedpaint

Six Tips to Paint Like Mucha, or in the Art Nouveau style. With a speed paint / time-lapse of my painting that I did in the style of Mucha.

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The book I referenced for the photos of Mucha’s pieces is Mucha: Masterpieces. You can find this book here:

There is also this really cool Mucha Coloring Book that looks like fun! Here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0764958313?ie=UTF8&tag=brookebowenar-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=0764958313

The supplies I used are as listed:
Linen Canvas Mounted on Board
sz. 4 Round
sz. 2 Round
sz. 0 Round
sz. 0 Liner
Buff Titanium Gesso by Daniel Smith
Cadmium Red
Transparent Red Oxide
Raw Umber
Cadmium Yellow
Yellow Ochre
Titanium White

Let me know what you want me to paint next by leaving a comment! Also comment if you do a painting in Mucha’s style, I would love to see it!

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  1. Denis Poisson

    Hi! Fantastic art, and thank you so much for sharing your process 😀 The whole thing had me entranced from beginning to end 🙂 I was wondering if you might consider following up on the hint of another videos just for those Art Nouveau decoration curves?

  2. Viv Wallace

    I'd say that the colors are more a light pastel than dull. Dull sounds a little bit too harsh. I like this picture. Thanks for giving us these tips. I also might have done oil painting and would have had some trouble with that because I'd be too impatient to wait for it to dry.

  3. Kelly Cardinal

    My FAVE artist is Mucha and you are amazing! I am so inspired to do some projects this year!

  4. Eduardo Vargas Hernandez

    Your work is awesome but you must improve the hair.

  5. Dustin Romero

    I would love to see a paint along video!

  6. Rod Witmer

    How do you paint a smooth line around your painting ?

  7. Vinod Rawat

    U r looking like snow White.

  8. S Wil

    Great video! I am working up to that style. The details overwhelm me. I think your tips will really help me. thanks!

  9. C K

    Thank you for your insight and posting. I’ll keep these in mind when I try this. You’re inspirational and sweet.

  10. Timothy Williamson

    I love Mucha. Some copies on my Instagram tim_learns_2_draw

  11. Gabriel Meireles


  12. Sami Day

    This video is great, I'd love to see more in the same format if you study other art movements or artists! Informative voice-over and beautiful visuals to go with it!

  13. Majsans Mys

    Oh god. It's MUCHHHA "sjch"

  14. Erica Davis

    I love this! Awesome video 🙂

  15. Madame Chutzpah

    This woman looks like a Mucha print.

  16. crystalheart9

    Thanks so much for this! I love Mucha style art and being an artist myself I could not figure out how he achieved the flat paint and beautiful outlines and curls in his paintings.

  17. Iva Linhartova

    Not to be picky or anything it just really bothered me… I am czech and Mucha was too. His name is pronounced a with ch in czech the way you pronounce it would be Muka.
    Otherwise really helpful! Thanks

  18. fschreder

    Wow! Beautiful work! I love your lineart

  19. ara133photography

    This is gorgeous and thank you for the tips!! Starting my first art nouveau watercolor tody

  20. Geoff Avery

    I would definitely be interested in your thoughts on how to do the nouveau border curl designs.

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