Infusing Art into Your Home with Orla Kiely Oilcloth Furnishings

Art in the Home

As people look for creative ways to breathe new life into their living spaces, integrating designer artwork through home furnishings is gaining momentum. Utilizing pieces such as the eye-catching Orla Kiely oilcloth can transform the ambiance of any room. This article delves into the world of designer oilcloth, focusing on the captivating art of Orla Kiely, and how you can incorporate it into your home.


Orla Kiely


Orla Kiely, the renowned Irish designer, is celebrated for her unique retro prints and patterns. Her signature designs have an endearing quality, with simple shapes and warm colors that resonate with both contemporary and traditional styles. The Orla Kiely pattern, often featuring rhythmic floral motifs, has become an iconic symbol of her brand. This art, once predominantly seen on fashion accessories, has transcended boundaries and found its way into home décor through Orla Kiely oilcloth furnishings.


Designer Oilcloth

Designer oilcloth, with its chic patterns and practical attributes, is an excellent medium for integrating art into your living space. Oilcloth is not only stylish but also highly functional due to its water-resistant properties. With an Orla Kiely pattern imprinted on it, the designer oilcloth becomes a fusion of fine art and utility.

One of the simplest ways to incorporate Orla Kiely oilcloth in your home is through table settings. The dining table often serves as the focal point in dining rooms or kitchens. By utilizing designer vinyl tablecloths featuring Orla Kiely patterns, you are making an artistic statement. These tablecloths not only protect the table but also become conversation starters. The vibrant and nostalgic patterns add warmth and personality to the dining experience.

Additionally, Orla Kiely oilcloth can be used as custom coverings for furniture. Dress up an old stool or create bespoke cushion covers with the oilcloth, and witness how the designer artwork uplifts the mood of the room. The water-resistant properties of the oilcloth make it ideal for kitchen stools or patio furniture, where spills and stains are common.

Another innovative way to use Orla Kiely oilcloth is through wall hangings. Stretch and frame a piece of designer oilcloth to create a stunning piece of wall art. This not only adds texture and depth to your walls but also brings in the creative aura of Orla Kiely’s designs.

Don’t limit yourself to the interior; extend the Orla Kiely pattern to outdoor spaces. Use the oilcloth to create chic picnic blankets, or as table covers for outdoor gatherings. Your backyard or patio can become an extension of your artistic abode with these additions.




In conclusion, designer oilcloth, especially with Orla Kiely patterns, is an inventive and pragmatic way to bring designer artwork into your home. Through tablecloths, furniture coverings, wall art, and outdoor décor, Orla Kiely oilcloth can infuse character and style into your living spaces. Embrace the art and witness the transformation


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